Wednesday, July 4, 2007

tea for two

Ivy spilled hot tea across her hand yesterday. I knew exactly how much it hurt because I spilled a cup down the back of my neck in the bath that morning.

We were sitting on the rug, me with my tea, her with formula in her sippie cup. I was trying a new trick - let's both have a cup of tea, just cool, no pressure, look! your cup is just like mummies cup - when i turned away and back to see her lunge at the tea. Bad game - Mummies cup is the good one, of course.

There was a second's pause while we both took in the carnage, then an almighty wail from Ivy as I scooped her up and ran to the tap. I held her poor hand under the running water for about ten terrible minutes as she cried and cried. I could see the burn wasn't bad, but she was having a awful time being tortured under the cold tap. In the bathroom mirror she could see my face. I watched her looking back and forth between mummy and mirror-mummy, wailing, and could imagine her brain laying down a lifetime of emotional love-maps: 'Mummy is hurting me! Why? Mummy loves me! So people who love you hurt you? Never trust anybody! Never love anybody!'

I took her next door to see Helen the GP. Ivy had stopped crying by then, but Buce the retired anthropologist and full-time beardie-wierdie opened the door. Ivy, calm by then, took one look at Bruce and burst into tears again.

What a night for little Naughty Buttons.

Tomorrow is my birthday - no Keith, but the family coming down for lunch. Keith will be home at about 9. I think I will lay out clothes for him. There is a month every year when we are of different ages - he turns 36 in early August. Our system is that for that month he must wear what I tell him to. I see cardigans in his future....with great big buttons.

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  1. Gabey Baby and I learnt a similar lesson yesterday when Bad Mummy left him sitting up on the floor propped with cushions along his back to get her camera, only to turn around just in time to see him face-plant sideways in slo-mo. Horrible. No damage, just fear though. Bad Mummy.

    I want pictures of Keith!

    Also Happy Birthday little lady. Hopefully your pressie will arrive today.


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