Thursday, July 26, 2007

holiday harvest

Theres been a teeny tiny harvest at the Mogantosh ranch. Carrots, rocket and pak choi all ready to eat, and oranges dropping in vast numbers off the tree. Must be all that worm juice. We bought a new fridge this week too, so it's all about the menu these days. In this pic Keith is cleaning the filter for the greywater tank - it's not a happy face.

A new butcher has arrived in town. His name is Dazza and he introduced himself, ordered us some organic meat, and weighed Ivy on the meat scale - she came in at 8 1/2 kilos (or a good shoulder of beef).

I'm writing another story for Parents magazine - this one is on the social capital of mothers groups - so any thoughts, anybody - please email me. On Keith's first holiday surf he took half the skin off his hand so no surfing this week. Instead, he's teaching himself a bit of carpentry by building bookshelves for the kitchen. We found some groovy old timber with old brass name tags attached at Coasties Big Shed and they are looking spectacular already.

The thoughts turn to spring... the weather has been beautiful this week and Ivy is a constant delight. We feel very blessed to be living so well right now.

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