Sunday, July 1, 2007

a festival of babies

Lunch at the St Clares today. Babies, babies everywhere (including one still living in the bump). Pancakes and pears (which have never featured so strongly in my life before). Tristan is building a whole new room in the crawl space of his roof - very impressive. Tamsen made fun of my taste in books. Come on! I just finished a bio of Diana written by her aura-cleanser which was penetrating and insightful.

Met little Z too. She is too tiny to be real - could Ivy have ever been that small? It's like holding a bundle of crumpled newspaper. Very, very cute, and very exciting.

I got my birthday haircut on Sat - first one in about a year. I'm surprised there's any hair left. Breastfeeding makes you moult like a sheepdog in summertime. It was fantastic to go and get my hair done though - it inspired me to take off my uggies and put on some eyeliner.

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