Tuesday, June 26, 2007

peartroot and pish

Dim, Jiuce and little man Dan came to stay on the weekend. Dan is a gentle soul who pulls softly on your ear to say hello. He wore my pink fluffy hat all weekend and developed an obsession with Ivys psychedelic fishtank (it's her nightlight). 'Pish!' Dan cried joyfully many hundreds of times, to whoever was nerarest. 'Pish! Pish!' Keith won the Scrabble tournament, much to Dims disgust. At 4am I regretted opening the red after we finished the white and the champagne. About the same time Dim and Juice regretted coming to the damn fish-house, where Dan was still exclaming in amazement.

Sunday Juice and Keith played at the surf while Dim and I wandered the markets (Coledale's biggest social event).

Ivy is eating lots but has taken to rejecting, at first, anything that isn't pear, so it's become the mixer: pentils (with lentils), peartroot (with beetroot) - you get the picture. She does eat better than we do, though. Tonight for dinner she had organic, free-range chicken with pumpkin, leek and and garlic. Me, I had a peanut better sandwich and a cup of tea. I hope I'm not raising a princess here. At least I am pretty sure that by the time number 2 comes along he'll be eating crusts and banana-ends. If he has second-child syndrome, I'll be able to sympathise. It can be our little thing.

More storms predicted for tonight.

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