Friday, June 22, 2007

oh happy day

My brother David and sis-in-law Karla welcomed little baby Azura (Z for short) into the world. 2.6 kilos and 49 cm...she's long and skinny, like her dad. Everybody is in good shape.

Ivy made this face when she heard she has another cousin.

Ivy, Izzy and Z were all born within eight months. What a trio. Happy days!


  1. Thats fantasic news! say congrats from me x

  2. cracking face miss ivy!

    congratulations all round...happy news. give them our best.

    with all these beautiful little women around, i hope frank doesn't feel too out-numbered!

  3. i can't believe there is another mogan girl ... there's lots of slow and steady sperm in your family!


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