Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mummy gets a job and ivy gets a boyfriend

Lots of exciting things happened today. Ivy got her first tooth! It's poking through the side of her mouth. It's not the normal first one to arrive - we're glad to see we've bred an individual. Only fitting for the future leader of the feminist revolution (and the Matildas goakeeper).

Lolo and Cooper came by to visit yesterday. He and Ivy had a little pash.

In mummy-news, Australian Parents mag have commissioned 2000 words from me on the first six weeks after parenthood. Big excitement! Not sure I can remember it now - its a blur...but I think all three of us cried a lot. If any fellow parents reading have thoughts on that magical, wondrous and terrible time, I would love to hear them - comment on this post or send me an email.

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  1. Rach!

    That's so exciting!- is this the beginning of a novel....? love keeping up on the bits and pieces- have even got busted at the new job for giggling too loud at ivy's efforts with the sippie cup. starlet must surely be in the future job predictions

    p.s, new email is


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