Thursday, June 14, 2007

keith is funny

The rain continues to pour in Coledale; filling the tanks and feeding the garden. (The eggplants have deceased, but all other veges seem to be OK. No harvests so far though, so they may yet have that weird homegrown colouring and knobbly, old-lady-knees look).

Keith is camping in Canberra, as he does every week. I spoke to him this morning. 'I was freezing last night. Were you cold?' I asked.'No...' he said. 'It snowed outside Canberra last night though'. 'And you weren't cold?' 'Well, no, I was fine.' He thought for a minute. 'I was in two sleeping bags and wearing three pairs of pants, five tops, a beanie and socks on my hands'.

I told him I would forgive him for having an affair, just for the warmth in it, but he said he was OK. He would make a poor erotic performance in the hand-socks anyway, I think.

Sam and Isabelle stayed on Tuesday night. Belle's in great form; doing lots of giggling, although I did hurt my neck pretending to be a dog biting her foot.Sam cracked Ivy up with some Solid Gold dancing.

Keith, Ivy and I spent the long weekend in Bendalong with Mick, Bron and their three boys (6, 4 and 4 months). Great holiday. We went for a nice bushwalk, ate good food and jammed late one night. The boys performed numbers from Hair. Keith got drunk because everybody else stopped drinking and he felt compelled to finish all the drinks left. He says it's the same problem he has with leftover food (and possibly with spare clothes?)

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