Friday, June 8, 2007

close calls of nature

Wild storms lashed the coast of NSW today. Outside the trees were bending double under the wind, and rain flew sideways. We were cosy and warm in the house though, listening to radio tales of toppled trees and tankers run aground. Safe and warm...until we lost power.

Off went the radio and the TV. Off went the fridge and the phone too. Off went Keith's Internet; bang in the middle of a delicate transaction. Off went the water heater - that didn't really matter though, because the pump for the tanks went off too. There was no water at all; hot or not. Off went the stove with my half-perked coffeepot. Off went the freezer full of ice-cube trays overflowing with Ivy's carefully prepped organic veges. Off went the heater, but worst of all..

Off went the fan in the composting toilet.

The first thing I did was light some incense and shut both the dunny doors. But a smell still wafted out..a cheeky aroma, redolent of an open latrine in a sandalwood forest. The pungent tang of humanure wound delicately around the washing drying on a rack in the loungeroom.

We put on jumpers, wondered where the campstove was and tried to breathe through our mouths. The power burst back on a couple of hours later; but it was an interesting reflection on how much we depend on electricity.

In other news, Ivy slept in her own room for the first time last night and was fine; and Keith headed a last-moments goal into the top left hand corner during his Nerds FC match yesterday. It made him so happy that he burst out singing in his sleep again last night.


  1. Massive news about Miss Ivy-Cakes! Well done Mummy.

    Scary on the olfactory front though...

    Miss you guys. Mucho amore xoxox

  2. Hey hey baby hey,

    not sure if reading your blog is good for us makes me miss you guys terribly.May require trip to Sydney.

    Can you believe we are almost at one year? Can't believe I've almost made it.

    lolo and cooper man

  3. Hi Ivy,

    You're message made me blush. I can't wait to see you on Monday and give you a big hug!

    P.S. You're mummy is a very funny lady.

    Luv Oli. x


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