Wednesday, June 27, 2007

mummy gets a job and ivy gets a boyfriend

Lots of exciting things happened today. Ivy got her first tooth! It's poking through the side of her mouth. It's not the normal first one to arrive - we're glad to see we've bred an individual. Only fitting for the future leader of the feminist revolution (and the Matildas goakeeper).

Lolo and Cooper came by to visit yesterday. He and Ivy had a little pash.

In mummy-news, Australian Parents mag have commissioned 2000 words from me on the first six weeks after parenthood. Big excitement! Not sure I can remember it now - its a blur...but I think all three of us cried a lot. If any fellow parents reading have thoughts on that magical, wondrous and terrible time, I would love to hear them - comment on this post or send me an email.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

peartroot and pish

Dim, Jiuce and little man Dan came to stay on the weekend. Dan is a gentle soul who pulls softly on your ear to say hello. He wore my pink fluffy hat all weekend and developed an obsession with Ivys psychedelic fishtank (it's her nightlight). 'Pish!' Dan cried joyfully many hundreds of times, to whoever was nerarest. 'Pish! Pish!' Keith won the Scrabble tournament, much to Dims disgust. At 4am I regretted opening the red after we finished the white and the champagne. About the same time Dim and Juice regretted coming to the damn fish-house, where Dan was still exclaming in amazement.

Sunday Juice and Keith played at the surf while Dim and I wandered the markets (Coledale's biggest social event).

Ivy is eating lots but has taken to rejecting, at first, anything that isn't pear, so it's become the mixer: pentils (with lentils), peartroot (with beetroot) - you get the picture. She does eat better than we do, though. Tonight for dinner she had organic, free-range chicken with pumpkin, leek and and garlic. Me, I had a peanut better sandwich and a cup of tea. I hope I'm not raising a princess here. At least I am pretty sure that by the time number 2 comes along he'll be eating crusts and banana-ends. If he has second-child syndrome, I'll be able to sympathise. It can be our little thing.

More storms predicted for tonight.

Friday, June 22, 2007

ivy meets her sippie cup

I've been giving Ivy formula in a cup, in an attempt to start to wean her. As you will see, she gets it not. We've decided to take it slow- it took Ivy a month to learn how to breastfeed, and a month to eat solid food without gagging in shock. I think it will take at least that long to get her to drink from the cup. She's special. Also note the Peter Costello hairstyle and the fantastic Grass Roots '73 earth-baby jumper, courtesy of Nanna (or Babushka, her new name).

oh happy day

My brother David and sis-in-law Karla welcomed little baby Azura (Z for short) into the world. 2.6 kilos and 49 cm...she's long and skinny, like her dad. Everybody is in good shape.

Ivy made this face when she heard she has another cousin.

Ivy, Izzy and Z were all born within eight months. What a trio. Happy days!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

and another thing

Meteorologists and radio announcers all got hepped up on goofballs after the excitement of our recent stormage. The warnings for last nights weather system started serious, got dramatic and ended hysterical. By the evening we were told to expect 'cyclonic winds'.

Keith is in Canberra. I spent the night anxiously holed up in bed with Ivy; storm bag in one hand (radio, candles, muesli bars, mobile) and the baby in the other.I would have worn Keith's torch hat but couldn't find the batteries.

I watched an interview with young princes William the Bald and Harry Pothead, while Channel7 kept scrolling a message across the screen, 'Severe storm warnings for NSW South Coast. Channel 7 will keep you posted through the night'. The scrolling banner was the whole posting though, managing to be panicky, self-congratulatory and useless, all at once.

Nothing happened.

Speaking of awkward segues, regional TV ads. Does the big smoke have that Franklins ad where the cheery sock puppet with a plastic party hat advertises 62 cents off wheat bran oil? What is wheat bran oil even for?

Here's a recent news update: 'Police are searching for 22 parrots stolen from an aviary in Nowra. Your entries are requested for the Tidy Town awards'.We also have a terrifying Greek chef named, I think, Christos, who does ADHD style 5-minute snippets where he cooks heartstoppers like fried butter in cheese sauce, and finishes his segment by running maniacally through a fruit shop with a bunch of leeks in his mouth, eyes bulging like a dog with its lead around its neck.

Ivy is eating lentils, chicken and banana now, and doing a new trick where she shakes her head madly from side to side for no reason.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

fratty the secret day

It's the end of a cruisey Sunday. The sun has emerged for the first time in a week or so, after a downpour of biblical proportions. It drowned the gardens and overflowed the tanks. Ivy pulled her first carrot in this morning's damage inspection.

We first tried formula today too - I'm starting to wean her. At this stage she has three solid feeds and five boob jobs a day. I'm going to replace one feed with formula to start with, and take it slow. We're trying to skip bottles and use the sippie cup, but she doesn't really understand what it's for.

Went for a walk down at the rocks and gave Ivy a stone-skipping lesson. We've been talking about status anxiety, bowel gas and Henry VIII, watching Season 3 of the West Wing and reading the leftover bits of yesterdays paper in bed.

The paintings for the bedroom are nearly finished. I've been working on those while Keith has been playing a strange strategy game he discovered online. It looks like a cross between Tetris and chess played with Japanese bubbles. I'd ask how it works but I'm scared he'd tell me.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

keith is funny

The rain continues to pour in Coledale; filling the tanks and feeding the garden. (The eggplants have deceased, but all other veges seem to be OK. No harvests so far though, so they may yet have that weird homegrown colouring and knobbly, old-lady-knees look).

Keith is camping in Canberra, as he does every week. I spoke to him this morning. 'I was freezing last night. Were you cold?' I asked.'No...' he said. 'It snowed outside Canberra last night though'. 'And you weren't cold?' 'Well, no, I was fine.' He thought for a minute. 'I was in two sleeping bags and wearing three pairs of pants, five tops, a beanie and socks on my hands'.

I told him I would forgive him for having an affair, just for the warmth in it, but he said he was OK. He would make a poor erotic performance in the hand-socks anyway, I think.

Sam and Isabelle stayed on Tuesday night. Belle's in great form; doing lots of giggling, although I did hurt my neck pretending to be a dog biting her foot.Sam cracked Ivy up with some Solid Gold dancing.

Keith, Ivy and I spent the long weekend in Bendalong with Mick, Bron and their three boys (6, 4 and 4 months). Great holiday. We went for a nice bushwalk, ate good food and jammed late one night. The boys performed numbers from Hair. Keith got drunk because everybody else stopped drinking and he felt compelled to finish all the drinks left. He says it's the same problem he has with leftover food (and possibly with spare clothes?)

Friday, June 8, 2007

close calls of nature

Wild storms lashed the coast of NSW today. Outside the trees were bending double under the wind, and rain flew sideways. We were cosy and warm in the house though, listening to radio tales of toppled trees and tankers run aground. Safe and warm...until we lost power.

Off went the radio and the TV. Off went the fridge and the phone too. Off went Keith's Internet; bang in the middle of a delicate transaction. Off went the water heater - that didn't really matter though, because the pump for the tanks went off too. There was no water at all; hot or not. Off went the stove with my half-perked coffeepot. Off went the freezer full of ice-cube trays overflowing with Ivy's carefully prepped organic veges. Off went the heater, but worst of all..

Off went the fan in the composting toilet.

The first thing I did was light some incense and shut both the dunny doors. But a smell still wafted out..a cheeky aroma, redolent of an open latrine in a sandalwood forest. The pungent tang of humanure wound delicately around the washing drying on a rack in the loungeroom.

We put on jumpers, wondered where the campstove was and tried to breathe through our mouths. The power burst back on a couple of hours later; but it was an interesting reflection on how much we depend on electricity.

In other news, Ivy slept in her own room for the first time last night and was fine; and Keith headed a last-moments goal into the top left hand corner during his Nerds FC match yesterday. It made him so happy that he burst out singing in his sleep again last night.

Friday, June 1, 2007

in which ivy starts talking (but has nothing much to say)

I saw Mum and Sam yesterday. Mum looked deep into my eyes and said 'I read the poem on your blog, and then it went very silent. Are you OK?'

For anybody who felt concerned as to my state of mind, I am fine. (And thanks). I was having a reflective moment. It's over now.

It's been baby central down here in Doledale. EJ and Rach visited this week, with babies Nina (10 months)and Felix (5 months).

We had a great time catching up on life and drinking red in between wrangling the three babies, although our plans to get drunk kind of went south. It's hard to really get into a rock n'roll frame of mind with three babies under one in the house. Ah well... we'll save it all for menopause.

Rach turned up with dinner and dessert, and every time I turned my back she was doing the washing up.

Ivy is in fine fettle - eating more every day; and now rocking back onto hands and knees. I think she might crawl in the next week or two - very exciting - although I'm a little concerned that any small freedoms I have now will all be over once she's on the move,and I'll mourn for those sweet days when I could sit on the toilet alone. Also Ivy is talking like crazy - this week she says 'mamamamama' and 'blah blah blah'.

Yesterday Mum, Sam, Isabelle and I met up at the Jewel of the Shire for speed-shopping and baby inspection. Really excellent. The two babies have both learned to laugh. Isabelle stared at Ivy with her serene, beautiful blues and Ivy grinned her goofy smile and said 'Blah blah blah'. Best mates already.