Friday, May 11, 2007

vaccinations and visitors

This week Ivy had her 6-month vaccinations. A terrible day - I was stressed out all morning. (Last time we both cried). By the time I took her into Room 101 I was shaky and felt like I might throw up. Ivy sat happily on my lap,smiling at the three nurses who gurgled at her and then plunged two needles simultaneously into her fat little thighs.

She actually coped much better this time - the silent scream lasted for a few minutes but she calmed down quickly.

It's hard for mummies. From pregnancy on your whole focus with a baby is their health and safety - don't eat ham, don't smoke crack; then when they arrive it's biodegradable nappies and organic apples, remembering not to tie them to the bed or put cooking sherry on the dummy. Then at 3 monthly intervals or so, you take them into a little room where a stranger stabs them with a sharp pin and introduces live virus cultures into their system.

Vaccination day is a bad day. Today was better - went to a garage sale, then planted out the broccoli and spinach. Grandpa came to visit and we ate chicken pie on the deck as Ivy practiced her new game 'Watch Me Slap You In The Face'. Tomorrow is Mothers Day round 2 - McIntosh clan over for a party on the deck.

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  1. tooooooo funnnnnnnyyyyyyyyy. i laughed very hard! your life is so like mine it is crazy. we have 6 month vaccs next week after we stay at your place. mati is playing the face rake! she grabs my lip very hard and pulls!


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