Friday, May 4, 2007

the scream that broke mummy

The visit to Sydney went well but it's so good to be home - Ivy broke Mummy. She hates being in the car at night; but we had to go to see some friends in Alexandria. Ivy screamed the whole way there, stopped for the eye of the storm at the party where I tried to put the two halves of my brain back together, then screamed the whole way back to Drummonyne. Lucy and I were hoping to catch up in the car, but just spent the whole time crooning 'Don't worry, you'll be right, life is tough for babies, it will be over soon'. She says that's pretty much what we would have said to each other anyway.

There was nothing I could do, other than promise Ivy to never take her out at night again, crane over the seats at every red light to replace the dummy, and try and breathe through my own panic. Poor little Naughty Buttons.

I read that the sound of a screaming baby is played from tanks as a wartime strategy. It would work - and save a lot of fighting too - you just hear the noise and want to kill yourself...cuts out the middle man.

We had lunch yesterday with Mum, Sam and Isabelle and Ivys great-aunts Sue and Jill. Mum had brought along Nana Goodie's photo album (Ivy's great-great grandma), which has some amazing old pics in it, including one intriguing one where Nana Goodie had scratched out both the heads. Got some good baby advice and hung out in the sunshine - a great lunch.

Ivy is still the constant feeder. Tonight theres a rip down the arm of her Wondersuit - I hope the weight gain hasn't reached Incredible Hulk proportions, where her bulging belly will turn all her clothes to rags. Can't afford the Target bill.

Tomorrow we shop, cook and sort out the toilet for our visitors on Sunday - Mogan clan for Mothers Day.

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  1. i soooooo know the scream. mati did that on the way back from your place. she screamed until it was sometimes the silent scream from brighten le sands to roseville and i just took deep breaths and tried not to crash the car on the eastern distributor. the toll guy just rolled his eyes at me and i tried not to sob. sounds like too many commitments for one journey. one day you will have to come and stay at narra for a little holiday and i wont tell anyone that you are coming! in the mean time, we will brave the drive again soon. xox lis and mat


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