Wednesday, May 23, 2007

mummy, i made poo!

Lisa and the ever-entertaining Matilda have just left after a sleepover visit. The babies stared at each other intensely, talked in Esperanto and dribbled joyfully while Lisa and I caught up and discussed issue of relevance (our babies, other peoples babies, all babies, the importance of good wine and bad TV at the end of a long day of baby-wrangling, food, babies, gardening, hair, babies).

Matilda has learnt a new talking trick where she makes a yelp somewhere between the baa of a lamb and the bark of a dog. She does it at the top of her voice many, many times a day (and night). Lisa was worried about waking us but I hoped they did - the annoying disturbance would be far outweighed by the realisation that the screaming baby didn't belong to me, and therefore I could go back to sleep with no guilt at all. A bit like watching aerobics on TV, but better.

Ivys new trick is to wait until I put her in a cloth nappy and then unleash 5 days worth of pumpkin poo. It's pretty bad now she's eating solids - the consistency and colour of thick chocolate icing; yet much less appealing as a snack. If only I found the washing as exciting as the women in the Omo challenge. Am I using the wrong laundry powder? Is that it?

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  1. hey rach, loving the blog! thanks for providing a sydney connection.

    couldn't leave a comment on "Class A Compost" but just wanted to ask did you do a second take when reading about the goose and moose fluid swapping? I find it quite disturbing ....

    love to you guys,



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