Monday, May 14, 2007

Mothers Day round 2

McIntosh Mothers Day was heaps of fun, but Keith and I both collapsed exhausted at the end of the weekend. Ivy is going through a night-party-owl phase, where after her 11pm feed she gets a new burst of energy and wants to wave her arms, kick her legs and make squeaky noises. She'll wriggle right out of her swaddle which means we can't put her to bed, so we wedge her in between us in the big bed and hold her arms down while she squirms and cranes her head back and forth between us imploringly, waiting for one of us to crack and say 'sleep! a losers caper... lets go and play a wild old game of upside-down-baby'. Sometimes it takes until one for her to go back to sleep.

Tim. Liam and Ivy had fun together although Timmy did take a spectacular backwards somersault off the deck stairs. No major damage - luckily he was wearing his new workmans hat.

Brendan and Mama did all the washing up - what guests. If only we could invite them over after dinner every night. Much of the late afternoon was spent trying to convince Mama not to buy us a dishwasher. When I said 'Look,it's not me - Keith's just really not going to budge', she got a stubborn glint in her eye and said 'Well, if it just turns up on the doorstep he won't be able to do anything about it...'

Where have I seen this stubbornness before, I wonder?

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