Friday, June 1, 2007

in which ivy starts talking (but has nothing much to say)

I saw Mum and Sam yesterday. Mum looked deep into my eyes and said 'I read the poem on your blog, and then it went very silent. Are you OK?'

For anybody who felt concerned as to my state of mind, I am fine. (And thanks). I was having a reflective moment. It's over now.

It's been baby central down here in Doledale. EJ and Rach visited this week, with babies Nina (10 months)and Felix (5 months).

We had a great time catching up on life and drinking red in between wrangling the three babies, although our plans to get drunk kind of went south. It's hard to really get into a rock n'roll frame of mind with three babies under one in the house. Ah well... we'll save it all for menopause.

Rach turned up with dinner and dessert, and every time I turned my back she was doing the washing up.

Ivy is in fine fettle - eating more every day; and now rocking back onto hands and knees. I think she might crawl in the next week or two - very exciting - although I'm a little concerned that any small freedoms I have now will all be over once she's on the move,and I'll mourn for those sweet days when I could sit on the toilet alone. Also Ivy is talking like crazy - this week she says 'mamamamama' and 'blah blah blah'.

Yesterday Mum, Sam, Isabelle and I met up at the Jewel of the Shire for speed-shopping and baby inspection. Really excellent. The two babies have both learned to laugh. Isabelle stared at Ivy with her serene, beautiful blues and Ivy grinned her goofy smile and said 'Blah blah blah'. Best mates already.

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