Saturday, May 19, 2007

class A compost

Keith is next door putting Ivy to sleep with Dr Suess, and I just took a bacon and pumpkin tart out of the oven. It's yet to be seen whether this will be a 15 minute bedtime, or the 2 hour version... like most of them have been this week. She didn't want her last sleep this afternoon, and has been grumbly for the last hour. I've had 2 glasses of red in the same time period so I don't mind. It's all washing over me like a Zen breeze...

We've had a great Saturday making plans for the garden. I watched a Peter Cundall DVD on organic vege gardening this week and got over-excited. We're planning on building some terraced vege beds into the back yard. Today I planted some new lettuces and did a lot of weeding. Keith built a path using stones from near the old cow shed. I read recently that bacteria in compost causes some sort of serotonin-like effect on the brain. All is clear : gardening is Ecstacy for the middle-aged.

All three of us went to Canberra last week. It was excellent. Keith slept in a bed instead of a tent and Ivy visited the art gallery and had lunch with her Grandpa and Fun-Yi.

Keith just came in to report that the baby was asleep even before Dr Suess got to the part where the moose and the goose drink the other one's juice. A new record! Must be the compost.