Tuesday, April 24, 2007

water, water everywhere

It's all about water this week. Last night the rain hammered down relentlessly, a beautiful sound when you're tucked up in bed with a big warm body beside you, a small one safe across the room, and 120,000 litres of tank to fill.

I woke up several times worrying that the new veges would drown in the garden. The anxiety interrupted my dream about Sam's relationship with Tom Conti, the Greek actor that gave Shirley Valentine hot flushes. I kept quoting lines from the movie at him and Sam - 'Shirley, I don' wan' make love with you...' while both of them looked at me with the long-suffering expression that says 'Please. Stop. You're embarrassing yourself'. I am familiar with it from Sam, but Tom Conti's never given me that look before.

Keith dreamed we were reduced to working in a chicken factory.

On Sunday we went in to Sydney for a baby shower (good luck Chris!) and a farewell party (good luck Jase!) and missed a big water spout off Coledale Beach. Here's a picture of it taken from the local bowls club. What with that, the current rainstorm and that 15cm tsunami that shut the beaches down last month, the weather is getting wild around here.

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