Friday, April 13, 2007

ivy and matilda get excited

Yesterday 4 month old Matilda came to visit Ivy. Lucky for me she was attached to 35 year old Lisa, who I haven't seen since Mati was 2 weeks old. We had a great day: lying around on the floor, having naps, breastfeeding - oh hang on, that part was the babies.

Lisa and I talked our ears off on all subjects known to man (and a few known only to woman). Mati and Ivy are the closest in age of all the babies born in the Great Boom, and seem the most similar in temperament too - they even talk and cry in the same language. When they were both sleeping; one would start wailing and we wouldn't know which it was.

It was so good to catch up with Lisa, who is recovering with grace and humour after a scary and traumatic start to motherhood. It was really fun to play babies together too.

Anyway - she is doing a great job. I am proud. And Matilda is too cute for words.

Check them out here for the next week or so (but be kind and don't mock the over-enthusiastic mummy-speak emanating from me and Lisa) :

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  1. I don't know who is cutier - the mum's or the babies. - Nik


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