Thursday, April 19, 2007

vacuum cleaner wars

Mum and Dad came to visit yesterday. We had an excellent day planting out the rest of the veges, playing with Ivy and discussing Howard's eyebrows.

Mum and Dad arrived laden with the usual booty gleaned from markets, garage sales and council clean-ups; producing goods from their boot like midgets from a circus car. This time the haul included a giant candelabra, a heater, a sewing box, some organic vege seeds, a jumper for Ivy, a lemon tree and a Hello magazine for my next bath.

Then the Dyson appeared. Mum and Keith have an ongoing heated debate about the relative merits of their vacuum cleaners (Mum's Dyson vs Keith's Miele). Knowing Keith was in Canberra, Mum lugged the Dyson down to gleefully attack my flea-rug. Unfortunately, along with her shirt, her glasses and her thermos, she left it behind when she went home.

I got her on the mobile. 'Are you trying to drive a wedge between me and my husband?' I demanded. I think she denied it but it was hard to be sure through the laughter.

I wanted to put the Dyson in Keith's side of the bed to await him when he arrived home at ten, but decided that was a bit gross.

The remarkable Ivy was 6 months old yesterday. She celebrated by taking three hours to get to sleep. My baby shoulder is much worse, with pain spearing up my neck and curving around my forehead. Last night I spent an hour on the lounge room floor at 3am, listening to the Reverend Popoff flog Miracle Water. Today Keith has been looking after me wonderfully, taking over Ivy duty when she gets wild and making toasted sandwiches and cups of tea.

Have an appointment with an osteo in Thirroul tomorrow - hope it works.


  1. Hi Rach, I hope that your neck is better...sounds yukkie.

    love lisa

    ps. ivy sooooo cute in the pic. Happy 6 months from us xox

  2. I rewatched the ivy/ mati vid tonight and I think they look like thunder birds..... I laughed to hard and I nearly wet myself - ahh pregnancy


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