Tuesday, April 17, 2007

mothers group

Mothers group this morning - my only friends in this burg. Mothers group is an interesting phenomenon - the only thing in common is that you all have a small person attached to you at all times. That shared experience is enough, somehow, to cancel out other differences of age, socioeconomics, politics and personality. A small baby does take over your existence so much that it almost cancels your previous identity - you become 'Mummy' - plus whatever you used to be, and whatever you become - but 'Mummy' first. Maybe that's why mothers groups are so important in the first months - its before you integrate 'Mummy' into the old you. Everybody's personality is a bit raw.

This morning was an Enjo party - the chemical-free cleaning products. These house parties are a bit scary.

The last of the pyramid-style parties I remember was years ago, when my friends and I got trapped in a Nutri-Metics cosmetics loop. (One party spawns the next, ad infinitum). The demonstrator was very earnest, and highly groomed - the problem was that the group of girls I had gathered were very naughty, and ill-groomed. We made the fatal decision to smoke a joint before she arrived and there everything went downhill. One friend was so paranoid about staring at the demonstrator that she spent the hour gazing loonily around the room. Another got halfway through a face mask demo before bursting noisily into tears. Face covered in cream she sobbed 'I'm sorry, but I've had my period for six months!" We all gathered around her, clucking soothingly and discussing our own menstrual difficulties while the demonstrator tried valiantly to continue her pitch on exfoliants.

I asked the poor woman halfway through if she'd like a drink of water. She said yes, so I went into the kitchen - but once there, was mesmerised by the table of food prepared earlier. I spent a good ten minutes constructing a fabulous sandwich and then trotted back out and sat on the lounge with my feast. I couldn't work out why everybody was staring at me.

Anyway, the Enjo party wasn't like that. Actually, I got quite excited about all the groovy products until the moment of truth arrived and i realised it would cost me something like 42 thousand dollars to purchase the system.


  1. I know that one used to be able to buy a generic brand version of enjo from the supermarket - almost exactly the same for about 1/16 of the price... you just need to know how to use it - which is where the parties come in handy!

  2. hi there. loved it and am just seeing if i can post comments. keep losing them.

  3. oh...that was me lisa

  4. and i added to mine today but np pics yet


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