Sunday, April 1, 2007

baby bulimia

Last night was Earth Hour, when lots of people in Sydney turned off their lights for a while to save energy. We had dinner and did the crossword. I got candle wax all over the rug. Im not sure how much energy I will expend trying to get that out.

Went to bed and dreamed I was going to a party with Jeannie Little. I was excited because all my friends were there. 'Look what I'm wearing! ' I laughed at some point, and showed them the edge of my nappy coming out of my jeans, like a geriatric g-string. Then a sexy girl I didn't know (but everybody else did) put out her leg to display black fishnets and red stillettos. Oh no... I realised. Wearing a nappy's not right.

Ivy is in great form today. She played in the washing basket for a while and practiced chewing her fingers. She really goes to town on those fingers. Sometimes she sticks them too far into her throat and gags - at those moments I wonder whether my excitement over her fat legs is causing her to become a baby bulimic.


  1. from the grrl whose washing basket is usually full of fishnets and lacy things I can only wish that there will be someone that gorgeous in my washing basket next load!

    Big hugs
    Amy xx

  2. Hey babe,
    Good to see you on the Net my girl you make me so hot in that little spotty number I had to strip off my jacket. Missing you terribly. There are dolphins out where I am living, wanna come up and play? Only takes 20 hours with a babe.
    Remember the day at the beach? Mum got some great pics so will send you a cheeky one soon.
    Practising base jumping - Mum let me fall off the change table the other day.... Bad Mother
    Love you Ivy can't wait to see you again
    xx Cooper

  3. dear ivy

    I am smiling heaps more now than when we last went shopping and I can also talk more now so we can compare notes on our mummies!

    looking forwrd to seeing you soon



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