Wednesday, April 11, 2007

ladies lunch

I met some new girls today and they were very cool. Jas from my mothers group (who reminds me of the lovely Lolo - sweet, warm, unpretentious, like a nice pudding) sensed my fish-out-of-waterness and invited me to lunch with her Stanwell Park buddies. They were easygoing and interesting too - an artist, a fiddler, a funny preggers buddy with a great 3 year old who called out 'Bye, Rach!' as I left. It was good - we laughed. I felt easy with them.

Tonight I put Ivy down to bed and tried to have a bath (my back has been feeling way crunchy ). She sang and talked and grunted until she drove me in to check on her. There she was, chewing her toes. She smiled up at me proudly... as well she deserved to. She had wriggled out of her swaddle (a big one), out of her PANTS, and had turned herself fully 180 degrees around in the bed.

Either she is exceptionally gifted, or exceptionally naughty. God forbid she doesn't become both. (Exceptionally naughty could be my curse. Shirin remembers when we were both pregnant I said to her 'I hope your baby has a big head'. Horrified, she replied 'And I hope your baby is just like you!')

Be careful what your friends wish for.

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