Tuesday, April 17, 2007

i love my cousins

On Sunday we went out to Bowral, where Keiths sister Deb, her partner Brendan and the two Thomas-loving, cubby-constructing, circus-trick-performing bundles of energy Liam (4) and Tim (2) live. Brendan wanted Keiths help laying some turf in the backyard.

Liam and Tim are beautiful boys, and have always loved Ivy. Since my pregnancy they've followed her growth and progress. They 'play Ivy' at home, where Tim is the baby and Liam plays Keith; and always love to see her. They gather around her, gently tickling her toes and bringing toys and pictures to lay at her feet, like she is a tiny goddess. (Which, lets face it..) Tim likes to stroke her cheeks and croon 'soooo cuuute' like an Italian grandmother.

Deb recently found a video taken at Christmas 2 years ago, where we had made a little movie with the boys. It features Keith as a Thomas merchandise thief, and me as a policeman. I chase Keith around the tree in the backyard in Benny-Hill style, until I catch up with him. 'Smack me!' Keith whispers under his breath, and the movie ends with a slapstick-style spanking.

At the time Liam, 2, was a little scared and confused. He runs for his life as soon as Keith the Thief appears. Now, though, they love the video, and want Deb to play it over and over. They even know all the words.

My back has been crunchier than an old mans underpants for days now, with pain radiating up my spine and into the back of my head. Problem. All I want to do is lie in the bath or on the couch, indulging in my own miasma of misery. Funny, it's not so nice to be around for Keith. ..and hard to do with a tiny baby.

I had a massage down the road and the therapist diagnosed me with 'baby shoulder'...it's what you get from carrying a fat bundle around all day. I felt much worse afterwards but better today - able to get on with things.

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