Friday, April 27, 2007

How Do You Help Your Baby To Make Poo-Poo

Sam and the beatuful 3-month-old Isabelle visited this week for a couple of days - a joyous occasion. We cooked, ate, discussed life, inspected babies, watched bad TV and laughed a lot.

Went to a mums and babies yoga class which was interesting, but far from relaxing. It's hard to find inner peace when the room is full of shrieking babies and mothers hissing 'ohhhh-kay. It's ohhhh-kay.'

Overheard while we had lunch afterwards at the Fireworks Cafe in Austinmer (also known as Newtown-By-Sea):

-But it's the only instrument that speaks to me.
-Well, you'll have to find something else that speaks to you like the glockenspiel.

Ivy is still not sure about the whole food caper (could it be the menu? I'm now feeding her sweet potato mixed with rice cereal and breast milk. Maybe if she could speak she'd tell me get the crap out of her face and give her a chicken burger).

She didn't poo for four days this week. Sam tried to help by pumping her legs and singing to the tune of 'How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria': How Do You Help Your Baby to Make Poo-Poo? It ended in a high soprano: 'How do you coax a motion from your child?' The therapy worked, because Ivy delivered a package unto us that was unlike any one she had delivered before. poo. Here it where it is supposed to get smelly.

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