Saturday, April 14, 2007

fleas, poo and beetroot seeds

Today we planted seeds for English spinach and broccoli - and also bought seedlings for beetroot, eggplant and marigolds as companion plants. I look forward to planting out another bed tomorrow. The seeds are propagating in a box on the back deck.

It was a day of household chores. I wood-chipped and tamped down the toilet - a seriously gross job to me - but a polka in the park to Keith, whose job it is to rotate and clean out the pans every two months or so. That's a gig that requires elbow-length gloves and a stiff drink afterwards; and also that gets you off all other heavy duties for the day.

Ivy got bitten by another flea - the rage that welled up in me when I saw it merrily bounce away across the rug was immense. Fleas are different from mozzies because they bite in clusters, so she now has been attacked three times and has, currently, 5 bites on her little face. Bastards!

I'm trying to avoid the flea-bomb solution - I really don't want toxic chemicals in the house. So we've put a soapy bowl out with a light on it, which is supposed to attract them. I've hot-washed all her bedding and stuff... but saw them tonight, next to the couch on which I had piled 2 loads of clean washing! I'll have to wash it all again, in case the bastards got got jiggy and laid eggs today, while taking a break from feasting on fresh baby. The next step is to put boric acid all over the rug and then wash it. Or move...

Dinner has just pinged in the oven. Tonight it's what we call 'feminist pie'; a vegetarian shepherds pie that my right-on organic cookbook calls 'shepherdess pie'. It's yummy - veges and lentils with mashed potato. I'm trying to budget food and plan meals this week - the finances are looking pretty tight. No cocaine and strippers this month.

Keith is trying to get Ivy off to sleep next door. He's reading to her from the Dr Suess sleep book (featuring Banana's voice) , as she squirms, all wrapped up in her Wondersuit and cot-sheet swaddle; cute as a button, paw-paw ointment glistening where the light catches the crusty bites on her little face.

Its a domestic fairy tale... just with poo and fleas in it.

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