Monday, April 9, 2007

Easter excitement

Great party yesterday - all the gang from Sydney came down and we had an Easter feast. Ivy had a excellent time playing on the floor with Gabe and we ate, drank and made merry. Anthony is making a surprise video for another friend so we spent lots of Sunday filming short scenes of various bizzare behaviours. As my neighbours were waving from their driveway we were trooping out the back to film a dancing dream sequence; all in wigs, except for Richard in a turban. I hope they don't think we were about to sacrifice a goat. Ivy featured in a wig and pilots hat.

Keith has the death-lurgy, so stayed in bed most of the morning and then managed to get up. He did well to be social but missed all the preparation - cooking, cleaning, baby-wrangling. He had my full, supportive sympathy until he stayed up until 4.30 this morning watching the cricket.

I have spent the last couple of weeks expressing milk for Ivy so that I could kick back at wine time. At 8.30, when the bottle came out- refusal. A look on her face like I was trying to feed her polonium. I don't get it - Ivy will suck joyfully on her fingers or a dummy - isn't a a bottle full of milk a dummy with added goodness? No joy. Eventually Ivy just had to have breast-wine. She went off to sleep fine then - all as normal, although she woke up at 3am wanting to play. (At least she's a good-natured drunk). Off she went to Keith on the couch - the thing about the cricket is that it will send anyone to sleep.

We had great respite with the weather yesterday - hardly any rain, although it has been pouring down most of the weekend. Lovely full water tanks, and good juice for the carrots - which are starting to send up tiny shoots.

Today is a great day for staying in bed to read the papers, and cleaning up the kitchen in little bursts between cups of tea and leftover chocolate cake.


  1. Top party. Top people. Top food. Top dog bum. So lovely to see everyone. Ivy such a sociable bundle and handled "pass the baby" with grace and style. Those Mogantoshes sure know how to have a good time.

  2. Top shindig guys. Thank you. However, a word about your daughter....those sparkly eyes are deceiving...she's a terrible, terrible influence. Our boy wasn't rolling over until he saw 'Ivy doing it'. Now Gabe's 180-ing all over the place. I entirely blame Ivy Scout. Mogan, there'll be words.

    Thanks again for deliciousness and wonderful company.


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