Tuesday, April 3, 2007

outings and plantings

Big day today - trip in to the city to Family Planning, my workplace - full of women, so Ivy was passed around like a fancy toy. (She wets! She cries! She's just like real!) I think we're just reaching separation anxiety age. She'd be OK for a moment, than look for me and wail. It was sort of exciting. I felt so important.

Lunch with Sam, Matt, Shirin and Tori (big people) and Isabelle and Gabe (tiny people) was great. Back at the old cafe in Summer Hill where all that bacon and eggs fuelled Ivy as she knitted bones and connected neurons in my belly. Afterwards hung out with Sam and played babies on her floor. Ivy was in top form and laughed her head off at Sams rendition of the classic 'Where's Ivy? Wobble your leg...I'm going to pull your arms off. Yes I am..' etc etc.

Yesterday we planted baby carrots and lettuce in the first of the overgrown vege gardens we've dug up. I'm feeling more than a little inspired by Jamie Olivers new series. Keith is quite threatened by my deep and passionate love for Jamie - I think it encouraged him to come out and do lots of digging in his lunch break.

Keith hasn't used shampoo for four weeks now, in an experiment to test the theory that hair-cleaning products are just tools of evil drug(company)lords intended to fleece the gullible, self-conscious public. It's supposed to take 6 weeks before the natural oils in the scalp balance and and clean your hair. Thank you, Richard Glover.

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