Wednesday, March 28, 2007

so here we are

Ivy is 5 months old, Keith and I are both 35, and the whole family has just upped sticks and moved from the city to the coast, in search of The Good Life; or at least, the Fawlty Towers version.

Here in Coledale we sleep to a soundtrack of surf and frog-song, rather than the crashing tones of junkies breaking into the house via the bathroom ceiling, or the guy next door threatening his 2 year-old, or the fellow who marched along the laneway at 3 am shouting "Drugs! I love drugs!" (OK, that last one happened at the house before the Ashfield flat. But it was so funny I wanted to write it down to see what it looked like).

We've given up 24-hour services, lots of local cafes, markets and shops, and close proximity to all our family and friends. Instead, we have tank water, a composting toilet, a dirt road and a new community.

This blog is for Ivy Scout, so she can have a record of her first year of life, before she learns to make her own memories. Eventually she can read back over her adventures and know how much she was adored, and all the good times she had with her mum and dad - the three Mogantoshes.

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